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Northern Patagonia

Cochamo/ Pumalin / Futaleufú /Aysén / San Rafael/ Northern Patagonian Ice Cap /Southern Highway
Northern Patagonia is an enchanting and still wild area generously filled with native forests, millenary glaciers, and world class adventure including rafting, kayaking, fishing, birding, horseback riding, hiking and climbing. From north to south you find the Cochamo Valley known as the “Chilean Yosemite,” is the result of a fusion between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain chain- giving birth to the first Patagonian fjord. The innumerable lakes, rivers and mountains proper to the valley set an extraordinary stage for horseback excursions, trekking, cycling and sea kayaking. Enter into Pumalin Park Nature Sanctuary, and admire the evergreen temperate rainforests and explore its carefully preserved waterways and hiking trails. Feel your pulse as you raft down the Futaleufu River Class V rapids. Step into the Aysen region and its capital city of Coyhaique, the heart of northern Patagonia. Explore the Laguna San Rafael National Park viewing first hand and up close the Patagonia northern ice field and the famous San Rafael Glacier. Follow the Southern Highway, a series of unpaved roads leading across this section of Chile and giving one access to sleepy farming and fishing communities and spectacular scenery. Cross into southern Patagonia, in the space between the two ice fields, to find where the road ends at Villa O’Higgins, a small and remote settlement village and where your adventure by boat and foot begins.

  Horseback Riding
A fascinating horseback ride crossing the Andes from the virgin steppes in Argentina to the Valdivian forests in Chile. A unique eleven days ride where Creole and Chilean horses will take you along estancias and fundos crossing endless pampas, green forests, and clear rivers .Come and ride with the gauchos and its different cultures but with only one spirit.

We go straight to the heart of Pumalin Park and travel along the Quintupeo and Cahuelmó fjords, both remarkable for their beauty which only compares to Fjord Land in New Zealand. We will row between huge granite walls and waterfalls that plunge into the ocean. We will see plenty of flora and fauna such as austral dolphins, sea lions and many birds -most of them endemic- and enjoy hot spring baths and walks to hidden lakes that very few have visited.

We will travel across the beautiful Cochamo Valley known as the “Chilean Yosemite”, in 3 days walking 4 to 6 hours a day.
Get inside of the exuberant rainforest with ancient trees like the Alerce -the second most long-lived tree in the world- that can live 3.500 years and reach heights of 50m. We will cross rivers using traverses, climb up to the tree line to have spectaculars views of the valley and rappel down to the valley.
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