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Atacama Desert

San Pedro de Atacama (San Pedro for short) is a small village located in one of the many oases which are founded in the Altiplano of the second region of Chile. Along this geographic zone rise some of the highest volcanoes of the Los Andes cordillera. Formerly the center of the Atacama culture, today San Pedro's population is about 2.500. Nowadays this small town has a big importance because it is considered as the archaeological capital of Chile and also because of its extreme geographic position, the beauty of the landscape and its eternal blue sky. The main economic activities are tourist trade followed by small farming (small cultivation, breeding of sheep and goats). Due to the amazing landscape of this zone, San Pedro has turned into the start point of the tourist activity and the excursions around the region. So we can find a variety of services for the visitors such as lodging, restaurants, tourist agencies, handcraft, telephone office, internet, post and police station. Another characteristic of San Pedro is its cosmopolitan atmosphere, because it is a destination that cannot be lost by all the tourists that come to Chile, especially from Europe.

  Horseback Riding
A journey in the desert and the north Chilean highlands, that explores the indigenous towns between Chiu Chiu and San Pedro de Atacama. We travel on a horseback among a wild landscape, through millenary paths like the Inca Trail, later used by Spanish conquerors. This is a trip outside the beaten paths, allowing an exceptional interaction with the villagers that live in the small towns that cross our route.

Based in a comfortable hotel at the town of San Pedro, a quietly historical and cultural town set peacefully in the midst of a changing geography, featuring enormous extensions of sand, vast salt flats, pretty little valleys and snow-capped volcanoes almost six thousand meters in height, we invite you to discover the main attraction of the driest desert in the world and arqueological capital of Chile.
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